A common question we get is “Can the wind damage my Pittsburgh roof?” The true answer is subjective to your roof. 

At first glance, the wind may seem harmless and even helpful, especially on scorching hot days. However, the wind also harbors the capacity to harm our homes and well-being, particularly when wind speeds are at extreme levels.

In addition to wind speed, your roof’s vulnerability also depends on other factors, such as its condition. In this article, we’ll dive into wind damage and provide valuable tips to safeguard your roof from its impact. 


Why is it Important to be Aware of Wind Damage?

Being aware of wind damage is crucial in maintaining the condition and safety of your Pittsburgh home and the people in it. Wind can bring a destructive force that can lift shingles and even tear off your roof, leaving it susceptible to significant damage such as water infiltration and structural damage. 

Ignoring these damages can lead to costly repairs and, more importantly, the safety risk to you and your family. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take proactive steps and address wind damages promptly, to minimize the dangers it can bring to your Pittsburgh home and your loved ones. 


Indicators of Wind Damage

Roof damage often goes unnoticed as it’s less easily visible than other parts of the house. This is why it’s essential to know the signs of wind damage so that you can inspect it after experiencing wind with high speed

Can The Wind Damage My Pittsburgh Roof: lost shingles01. Missing shingles:

One of the most obvious signs of wind damage is missing, cracked, dented, or displaced shingles. 

02. Granule loss:

The wind can gradually wear down the protective layer of the shingles. A sandpaper-like leftover in the gutters could signify granule loss from your shingles.

03. Damaged fascia:

Damage to fascia and soffit can indicate roof damage. If these components are compromised, it can lead to water damage and infiltration. 

04. Crooked chimney:

This can occur when wind gusts are at the extreme. A clear indication of wind damage is a crooked chimney which could affect other parts of the house. 

Can The Wind Damage My Pittsburgh Roof: roof damageIndoor leaks:

Wind damage affects the integrity of your roof, which can lead to a leaking roof. If you see an intrusion, such as stains and dampness, check your roof. 

Inspecting many of these issues requires climbing up and navigating the roof. This is no easy task and can be dangerous, so we recommend having a professional roofer check it for you.


Things that Make Your Roof Susceptible to Wind Damage

Knowledge of what contributes to the susceptibility of your Pittsburgh roof to wind damage can help protect your home and ensure the longevity of your roof. 

Can The Wind Damage My Pittsburgh Roof: olf rood01. Age:

As the roof gets older, so does its ability to withstand external forces due to wear and tear. Therefore, they’re more prone to damage. 

02. Installation:

A poorly installed roof means it wouldn’t perform optimally. Improper placement and techniques make your roof more susceptible to issues. 

03. Lack of Maintenance:

Maintaining the good condition of your roof is crucial in enhancing its ability to withstand various challenges, such as strong wind. 

Can The Wind Damage My Pittsburgh Roof: environmental elements04.External Environment:

What’s around your home, such as trees, can pose a hazard during strong winds. Clearing trees that could shed branches or debris, causing damage, is essential.

05. Type of Roof:

Some roof designs, like one with steep slopes, fare better against wind uplift than those with low and flat-design roofs. Choose a quality roof with the appropriate design for your home. 

06. Location:

Some parts of the country, such as the coastal cities, experience higher wind intensity than other areas. Understanding the conditions of your location can help you take the proper steps to protect your roof. 


What to Do When You Notice Wind Damage

Wind damage is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Failing to do so can jeopardize the integrity of your roof, your entire home, and the safety of its occupants. 

When you notice any wind damage, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact our team at JP Roofing. We possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure your roof is in optimal condition, capable of withstanding various challenges you may encounter. At JP Roofing, we always offer quality long remembered at a fair price. 

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