Metal roofing in Pittsburgh…

could be the answer to all your roofing problems. Living in Pittsburgh can bring on some unforeseen environmental challenges. That is why your roof needs to be prepared for whatever comes it’s way! Here are some crucial benefits of metal roofing that you won’t want to miss out on.

Metal Roofing In Pittsburgh

Metal roofing has a longer lifespan

Metal roofs have a longer lifespan than other roofing materials such as asphalt or cedar wood. These other materials erode faster, leaving you with an extra expense you do not need. In the long run, you will spend more money repairing your roof than enjoying living under it. That is why metal roofing in Pittsburgh is worth the investment!

Metal Roofing In Pittsburgh

Metal roofing will withstand the elements

Metal roofs have the durability to last even after it is hit with all of the elements. Especially in Pittsburgh, you need a roof that can withstand immense downpours and unpredictable winters. Metal roofing in Pittsburgh is known to protect homes/ buildings from forest fires, hail storms, and intense wind.

Metal Roofing In Pittsburgh

Metal Roofing Will Keep Your Energy Bill Low

Metal roofing in Pittsburgh can keep your home/building cooler in the hot seasons. By keeping the building cooler, there is less need for your AC unit to overwork itself. This will prevent further HVAC issues and take less money out of your pocket in the long run.

Metal Roofing In Pittsburgh

Your Insurance Company Will Thank You

Believe it or not, some insurance companies offer lower rates to those who have metal roofing because it is much less susceptible to damage. This is a high win for you and your household and worth the investment!

Metal roofing just looks better

With metal roofing, you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability. This material comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find an option that matches your home’s exterior and enhances its curb appeal. Plus, metal roofing can be customized to fit the shape and size of your roof, ensuring a perfect fit and a beautiful, seamless finish.

Metal roofing is more sustainable

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint, metal roofing is a sustainable choice. It’s made from recyclable materials and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan, reducing waste in landfills. Plus, metal roofing is energy-efficient, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Where Do I Get Started?

Now you are probably wondering “Where do I get a metal roof in Pittsburgh?” The answer is simple, choose JP Roofing! Proudly serving the Pittsburgh area, JP Roofing has multiple services, including metal building, that brings you the best quality of roofing. Our professional team is ready to give you a roof that is worth your investment! Contact us today to book an appointment or get your free virtual quote!