What Is A

Metal roofing trim/flashing seals the joints of a roof together to prevent  water damage. Metal trim is very important and there are 3 types that are necessary for your metal roof.

Keep reading to learn more about different types of metal trim!



Eave trim is the first piece of trim installed on a metal roof. It will help to protect the sides of your house and direct water away.


02. Gable Trim

The gable trim is going to be on the opposite two sides of the eave trim.  Protection of this area is crucial since heavy winds can blow rain into the area. This trim will help prevent this from happening and protect your roof.


03. A Ridge cap

A ridge cap is located where your roof comes together at the top. This part of the roof is exposed to the elements and can wear out first, so this ridge cap protects it.


Roofing is one project that is worth investing in because you'll get the benefits in the long run and even save you more money.  Your roof is an investment and JP Roofing wants to make sure that you get nothing but the best quality you can get! Adding an eave trim, a gable trim, and a ridge cap can help you do just that!


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