How To Protect Your Roof This Fall

Get your roof ready  for the fall season!

The fall season means that all of those leaves and acorns are going to be falling on your roof. Make sure your roof is protected by using these four simple steps.

01. Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters will surely get some debris trapped in the gutter line. Cleaning out your gutters will eliminate the possibility of mold  and clogging.


02. Clean Your Roof

It is important to get all of that  debris off your roof before snowfall.  The extra debris weighs your roof down or creates ice formations  that can damage your roof.


03. Trim Your Trees

Diminish the fall maintenance by trimming your trees. This can be a great way to eliminate debris from reaching your roof.  It can also prevent future damage during a storm or windy day.


04. Schedule A  Roof Inspection

Scheduling a roof inspection is going  to ensure that your roof is prepared  for the fall and winter season. They are able to fix those smaller  issues so that they do not get  worse over time.


Do You Need Help  With Maintenancing Your Roof?

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