How To Protect Your Roof From the

In Pittsburgh

Summer roof maintenance isn’t always a top priority  to homeowners. There are  no leaves falling into gutters, ice and snow damage,  or heavy winter storms.  However, this hot portion  of the year can take a heavy  toll on your roofing structure and materials.

Keep reading to find out several ways that can help keep your roof protected!


01. Attic Ventilation

One of the best ways to ensure that your roof is prepared for summer heat is to make sure that your attic has enough ventilation. This will help to keep heat from building up in the home’s interior and prevent condensation issues.


02. Install light-colored roofing materials

Roofs with dark colors absorb more heat than ones with lighter colors. White or silver reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. Heat reflecting off of your roof means a cooler home and a longer lifespan for your roof.


03. Regular maintenance

Do not neglect regular  roof maintenance. Continue to clean off debris during the summer and repair damaged shingles and flashing. Neglect will cause your roof to deteriorate faster but prioritizing maintenance and regular cleaning will lead to a longer lifespan.


04. Add Insulation

Although insulation is primarily associated with winters, it can also help keep your roof heat-proof in the summertime. Insulation helps in keeping the warmth outside the roof, just like it keeps the heat inside during the winter.


05. Inspections

Make sure to get regular  inspections done before problem  areas become worse. A professional  will be able to pick out issues and  fix them before too much damage  is done.


Regular roof inspections can  help prevent small problems  from becoming bigger issues.  This will result in a longer lifespan of your roof and add more value to your investment. While you can’t keep the sun from shining,  you can take some preventive measures to lessen its effect on your roof.


Do You Need Help  With Maintenancing Your Roof?

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