5 Signs Your  Gutters Weren't Installed Correctly

Functioning gutters are crucial in preventing water from entering your home.

Therefore, it’s paramount that you have your gutters installed properly to have a good drainage system  and keep your house safe from water-related damage.  Here 5 key indicators that your gutters were not installed correctly.

01. The Gutter Has Bad Pitch

No... not a baseball pitch, but a gutter pitch is a position or the angle at which your gutters are installed. If your gutter has a bad pitch (one that’s too steep or too flat), the water will either flow too fast, which can cause overflowing, or too slow that it just stands still and does not flow at all.


02. It Does Not Have Enough Downspouts

Downspouts and gutters work together in determining the effective flow of your home’s drainage system.  As the water falls onto the roof, it gets collected in the gutter and carried  over by downspouts safely to the drainage areas. Besides positioning, the number of downspouts will  help ensure water is drained safely  and effectively.


03. The Gutter  Is Detached 

You don’t need to be an expert to figure out that detached gutters are faulty, not to mention dangerous. Not only can a gutter fall and hit someone, but a detached gutter creates a gap between the roof and the gutter, which results in water build-up in the exterior of the house or water seeping into your windows. This can all cause disastrous and costly damage.


04. Water Leaking Into the Building

Poor gutter installation can cause water to trickle inside the house, causing leaks and potentially other more serious damages. Look up where the walls meet the roof and see if there are any traces of water there. If so,  this can be an indication of poorly installed gutters.


05. Gets Clogged Easily

Clogged gutters are common, especially during seasons like fall, where leaves can accumulate in  the gutter. But clogged gutters can also be caused by improper installation, making the water flow ineffective and causing clogging.


Are Your Gutters Poorly Installed? 

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